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Flower Sale ( Unity Day)

Flower Sale ( Unity Day) Come join us for our end of year sale at the Saralana Park on the 29th of November 2022. The post Flower Sale ( Unity Day) appeared first on Wotz On Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Darts Exhibition Cup 2022

Vanuatu Darts Exhibition Cup 2022 Tickets for the Darts Expo/ Gala Dinner now on sale. VT7500 includes dinner and 3 drinks… great value.Purchase from: Retreat Seaside, Warhorse Saloon, NBV, Bred Bank.Will have Tickets at Digicel…

Yoga at Ramada – Wotz On Vanuatu

Yoga at Ramada Jenn’s Hatha-style class includes poses that will stretch, strengthen, and align your body and increase your ability to relax; with the goal being that you feel better after the class than you did walking in  All…