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Basic Horse Training Ideas


Although many people do not know, there are many secrets when it comes to training horses. In fact, if a book was ever to be written about horse training ideas, then the end-result will be a large volume indeed. These secrets, just like advice and opinions, have never been proven and can be either right or wrong. However, these tips are basic for anyone who wants to enhance the physical characteristics and performance of a young horse.

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One thing you need to know about training horses is that you will find some tips to be conflicting. One tip will tell you one thing while another will tell you the exact opposite. The trick here is to be open and willing to try different ideas and tips until you find the perfect formula. Below are some of the most common horse training ideas that have been tried and tested by many successful horse trainers when training young horses.

Fundamentally, you will be able to train a horse that is around five years old. It is around this age that they have the ability to learn things. However, at this tender age, the trainer should be careful not to put the young horse through a lot of strain during training. When put under a very strict training program, he or she will hamper the horse’s development young horse’s development. At this age, the trainer’s main focus should be on allowing the horse to feel what it is like to be under the saddle.

Another thing the trainer needs to understand is that the training regimen of a horse is heavily dependent on the breed of the horse. Just like human beings, there are horses that are fast learners and others that are slow learners. For instance, the mountain horse can be trained under the saddle from an age as young as two years old. On the other hand, the Arabians are known to be very slow in their development. At two years old, therefore, the Arabian horses cannot be trained for anything yet as they are still very young. Even for the same breed, individual horses have different development rates. Once you have established this, you will know appropriately adjust your horse’s training regimen.

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