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Le Trail Pacific 2021 – 83 Islands



Le Trail Pacific 2021 – 83 Islands

ALL information needed on our website or our Facebook page @letrailpacific


Three Races to make everyone Happy!
+ ELITE // 27km (minimum age 18yo)
+ SOCIAL // 15km (minimum age 16yo)
+ FAMILY // 8km (minimum age 8yo)

+ Registration and payment online or at AJC office.
+ 1000vt per person
+ Team of two runners (Woman // Man // Mixed)


*Children between 8 years old & 13 years old must be under the supervision of an adult.

83 Islands – Stella Mare, Port Vila

*What time?
+ 6:30 am for ELITE runners
+ 7:00 am for SOCIAL runners
+ 7:30 am for FAMILY runners

*What do I do before the start?
I arrive at the meeting place. I come to confirm my participation under the tent. I get a basket with my race t-shirt and my race number inside.
I have some time to warm up before the race start.

*IMPORTANT to know:
+ Bring your own water bottle or flask !
NO plastic bottles distribution during this event.
There will be water supplies on the course.
+ Wearing running shoes suitable for rough terrain.


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