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Mascot Design Competition

The Vanuatu Outbreak Alert System (VOAS) informs the public about outbreaks or increases of communicable diseases.

VOAS has four alert levels:
Level 0: Low
Level 1: Medium
Level 2: High
Level 3: Very high

Each level describes the measures that members of the public need to take based on the risk level. Levels are set by the Ministry of Health. The public must follow the appropriate measures indicated.

VOAS was developed in 2021 to support COVID-19 response. Although the current focus is COVID-19, the system has been designed to extend to other communicable diseases if needed. These may include leptospirosis, dengue and cholera. The Ministry of Health will advise the public on which diseases are covered by VOAS.

Peace Corps Vanuatu and the Ministry of Health would like to announce the launching of a Vanuatu Outbreak Alert System (VOAS) Mascot Design and naming competition with awesome prizes to be won and everyone who submits an idea goes into a draw to win fabulous prizes from Digicel. Be in it to win!

The mascot competition aims to encourage participants to unleash their creativity and design an original mascot that can act as a family-friendly and engaging ambassador of the Vanuatu Outbreak Alert System to promote awareness and preparation about communicable diseases in Vanuatu.

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More information on VOAS can be sourced here:…/vanuatu-outbreak-alert-system


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