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Mini District Combine – Epauto Multi Purpose Hall



Mini District Combine – Epauto Multi Purpose Hall

Good Morning/Evening and Happy New Year to everyone.
To all our church family members around the globe, we will be having our Mini District Meeting on the 26th February 2022. During our meeting we will continue with our collections of Offerings towards the remaining unfinish projects in Malekula. We strongly encourage church members & community leaders to pass the message on to those that prayerfully prepare to support Gods work during this last days.

A friendly reminder, please come with your free will heart offering to be collected., please do contact our committee members or message us on Port Vila Malekula S.D.A District facebook messenger.

For those of you whom you wish to do direct payment,
below is the Bank Account Details:
Bank Account Details
Account type: Cheque Account
Account Name: Port Vila Malekula SDA District Committee
Account Number: 0189743001

Hope to see you all during our Mini District Meeting, your presences and support will be greatly appreciated.

God Bless You All.


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