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The 10 Best Resources For 1 Advantages of Using a Car Dealer

Bringing cars to the customers who order them, providing information about the cars, and answering questions asked by the customers are some of the major roles of car dealers. Whenever the customers call the dealers to question on the properties of the vehicles, they are considered as buyers and not shoppers, with the dealers offering the following benefits to them.

Licensed dealers make good sellers of used or new cars since unlike private sale, since they guarantee Clear Title, hence there is no money owed to the car. Dealers enable a stress-free spirit in their customers through giving them a note from the regulating authority which prove that the car is debt-free and had not been stolen.

Another advantage is that the dealer is approved by the government and is required to keep on renewing the approval status, leading to authenticity of their products. The dealers’ businesses are approved and regulated by government departments such as fair trading or customer affairs departments, and must follow the acts of parliament put in place to provide legislation.

Thirdly, the vehicles sold by dealers are roadworthy since they have been mechanically tested and well selected to make sure they meet the government’s roadworthy conditions and in cases where they don’t, they are modified to meet them.

Another pro of these dealers is that some of them have the extended warranty policies, which assist in covering for the repair costs that buyers may incur in case of a technical failure after the warranty period lapses. Buyers should always read the warranty policy of the car well to be able to determine their best option of car they should buy.

The other benefit is that in many countries, the car dealers have a statutory warranty even for the used vehicles where the vehicle must be less than 10 years old and traveled less than 160000 km for a car dealer to give a 3 months warranty or 5000km distance warranty.

It is also an advantage to note that there is a regulation that controls the warranty of new cars passing through the dealers, where the former is required to have a comprehensive manufacturer warranty coverage, which can be transferred if the car changes owners before the period lapses. Nevertheless, the buyer should check to ensure that all manufacturer necessary services have been fulfilled and that the warranty has not been voided.

The last advantage of a dealership is that it is regulated to cushion the buyers from purchasing cars that have been written off by imposing heavy penalties on buyers who may attempt to do this.

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