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The Voice Of Erakor Lagoons – Erakor Bridge Ekoftau



The Voice Of Erakor Lagoons – Erakor Bridge Ekoftau

A community event to raise awareness on the degradation on the Erakor Lagoons and celebrate consistent efforts to restore the Lagoons ecology. Flee market and kaikai served all day with many musicians and important presentations taking place on the Erakor Stage from 8am to 10pm.
Musicians bring your instruments and voices and join in the jam on the stage. Free kaikai to those who play along!

Full Program:

8:00 Flea Market opening

8:30 Opening of the Voice of Erakor Bridge Exhibition (Children’s art, videos and local news)

8:30 Arrival of Guests & Maritime Police

9:00 Live Music on the multi-purpose community stage (program to be defined)

9:00 Children, Chiefs and Authorities (Dep Water, Fisheries, Health, Environment) move to Maritime boats to visit Erakor 1st & 2nd Lagoon, put Namele leaves start awareness and visit pollution hotspots around the lagoons

11:00 Arrival on the multi-purpose stage after visiting of Lagoons

11:00 VMF Band input at community multi-purpose stage

11:30 Refreshments to Maritime, VMF Band, Authorities while Petition presentation

12:00 Natontong Theatre Group: “Bibingo comes back to Save the Lagoons”

12:00 Presentation on Water Quality: effects on Health and Nature
By Charline, Delizian, Judy and Remi

13:00 Live Music

13:30 Engineers Without Borders – Presentation on Water and Sanitation – Toilet prototype

14:00 Music continues with food selling, flee market and Kava

22:00 Program ends


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