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Tips That You Can Use To work with PR, Media and Press agencies


As business competition increases, a good PR company can be a valuable asset to startups, but the reality is that many businesses have spent very little on it. the cost of running a PR campaign and of course getting nothing out of it.

Of course, the problem.  (Social media should be used as part of your campaign-  How to delete TikTok messages – Tips of your social media) of startups is not what to do, whether they can afford to do PR or not. Yes, some businesses consider PR so important to their business that they are willing to go into debt to launch a PR program to launch the company.

How can businesses avoid such bad experiences? In most cases, the success of the company will depend a lot on finding the right PR consultant and working with the business in the most effective way. To help businesses replicate their success and avoid repeating the mistakes of other businesses, we share a few tips with businesses as follows:

  1. Don’t start if you’re not ready

Don’t hire a PR agency representative until you have a clear understanding of what you need them to accomplish. Start-ups are prone to making bad decisions and hiring PR agencies that don’t have a clear purpose in mind. In addition, one of the biggest mistakes companies make is hiring a company too early while the company doesn’t have a brand name yet. “ New businesses need to promote but need to have something to promote”.

  1. The requirement to prove ability

While there are many PR reps who brag about the results they’ve made for clients, consider that information carefully. Then ask to see a few specific examples of successful work including press releases and other relevant information.

  1. Take a close look at the working group

Some media companies, PR representatives will present you with high-level PR professionals, but in fact, they are not at the level you want to do your job.

  1. Set specific goals

Do some research on what the PR firm can and can’t do for your company and tailor your expectations accordingly. Setting far-fetched goals only adds to the hassle and makes it impossible for the PR rep to deliver. Based on your knowledge of your business and the press, your PR rep will provide a specific guide on what business news/articles you can achieve and what you will actually achieve. “ PR is an investment, not a guarantee, to achieve certain results, it will not take time.”

  1. Be a partner and make friends with many newspapers and customers

Participation in the PR process is equally important.

“Nowadays I spend a lot of time researching journalism and am in the process of researching news organization, what interests them and what is important to reporters and I am sure that will provide provide articles that capture their interest.”


In addition, notify the media company, PR representative. They can’t just work on the information you provide. Media companies, PR representatives should share with your business a lot of administrative information and constantly update what is happening. Bring the matter up for discussion when it involves important decisions as well as the impact on public perception.

  1. Don’t delay work

You should get involved, but don’t interfere with the work of the PR reps you’ve hired. Check, correct or review raw tips or documents in a timely manner and respond promptly to their requests for information and, importantly, pay fees on time. Communicating media messages 

As the number of video sites has increased and accepted over the years, there are many companies that know how to take advantage of the utility of this medium. An effective web video campaign can help you promote your brand image along with dynamic content so that the core of your marketing message is understood and remembered. On the other hand, a bad promotional campaign will make your company look like an amateur, inexperienced.

Web video – a valuable psychological tool

The concept is known as a psychological tool – prioritizing the application of psychological experience to make other experiences useful – if combined with the proper use of the web, it becomes the next method of communication. Web marketing is very effective. Of course, they haven’t been fully explored in terms of the use of smell and sight on the web. However, we do have tools such as audio and visuals to help customers engage with marketing messages in a more relevant way.

Personal branding, the “I” and the disaster in branding.

The difference between positive and negative web video is negligible if viewed as the production of a TV show, extravagant, absurd. But they will be very different when it comes to developing creativity, senses and professional presentation.

It is generally recommended that the owner or representative of the video present directly to the audience in terms of style and material, content and concept, image and nature. At the same time, we also help customers avoid using unprofessional company directors or sales managers. There is no proof that actors have better looks, better voices, and more attractive performances than we do. All of them are ways to spark customer passion no matter what you sell. But first we have to have a coherent ad to focus attention on the image and the message we want to convey.

Strict presentation concept

The Web is the only place where information, marketing and entertainment can be brought together. As a marketer you should stop designing for other media, start thinking of the web as a typical marketing environment. Websites are more than encyclopedias, catalogs or flyers, more than radio and even television. As for the website, if you want to succeed on it, you have to update your knowledge.

Just as professional athletes must always focus on their sport, the website business must step away from the hype, to attack specific areas, statistics, and reasonable justification. Business people must understand the psychology of the audience. You have to work so hard to sell – explain and persuade so much that your audience stops listening.

Attractive presentation

A clear concept can attract customers, which means having a strong enough idea that it can be managed and maintained throughout the multimedia advertising campaign. Investing in advertising will be a waste of money if it is not part of a long-term marketing campaign.

Creating a positive brand image – making a strong impression on customers – depends on the perfection of the video website you design. An advertisement’s ability to attract attention depends on a combination of conceptual resonance and perceptual resonance

Perceptual resonance is based on the ability to capture meaning from words, images, and emotions in an advertisement. Thanks to the combination of those factors plus the experience, customers grasp the meaning of the ad faster.


Conceptual resonance is the ability to capture the meaning of advertising from presentation, clear action, repetition, and empathy.

The content and word combinations in the ad’s dialogue are predictable, creating a positive effect thanks to an increasingly experienced audience’s ability to capture meaning. Professional presenters can make the audience accept the core content of their advertising message.

Professional presentation: Marketing with stories

Sometimes we forget that the website is the medium that conveys the information you want more people to hear. If the customer doesn’t understand what you’re saying then you’re wasting your time and the listener’s as well. Conveying information that is understandable and logical is not a simple exercise, it includes all the presentation techniques that start at each stage, etc. And one type of format for the best presentation content is construction. memorable and persuasive stories.

Storytelling – Prologue, Consequences, and Solution

A story consists of a beginning, a body, and a conclusion. But even a well-written story doesn’t make much of an impression unless someone is at stake. In effect, that person is your audience, who represents and conveys experiences through online characters, who face difficulties (prologue), resulting consequences (middle) and the final solution. There are many different ways to act and deliver the advertising message, but all of them are thanks to the attractive, stylistic presentation of problems, results and solutions.


Content receptivity depends on how well the design is and how professional the information is conveyed. Information should not be so arbitrary that it is frustrating, nor should it be so complex that it is unacceptable. But it must be compelling enough to entice your customers to watch it again, even recommending it to their colleagues and friends.

There are many visual and verbal techniques we can use to engage our audience and spark their purchase. Being creative doesn’t mean you have to reinvent what’s already there: Forget about streaming techniques. Familiar backgrounds, sounds, music, facts, classic scenarios can all be used in creative ways to make even the most dreary information more engaging.

Behind the truth

Not everything goes smoothly, sometimes something doesn’t work the first time you do it. In the long run, expertly conveying the right concepts is successful if you give them a chance and tie them together. Brand, image and identity are built over time with constant efforts, niche goals and loyalty to the main message.

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