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Vanuatu Business Review » Boeing still grounded, Air Vanuatu waiting for spare part from Asia



Boeing still grounded, Air Vanuatu waiting for spare part from Asia

By Hilaire Bule

Following the shortage of passport booklets that could also delay sending Ni-Vanuatu workers to Australia and New Zealand, the unexpected mechanical problem with Air Vanuatu’s Boeing aircraft on Monday night is causing another delay.

An agent for the Seasonal Worker Program said they were told that 157 Ni-Vanuatu who disembarked from the aircraft that night were supposed to depart on Wednesday morning, but the flight was deferred, again.

The agent said they learned that the reason for the yesterday’s flight was allegedly the arrival of a wrong spare part from Australia on Wednesday night. Air Vanuatu’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Atu Finau is currently in New Zealand but the acting CEO, Natalie Mills, denied the allegation.

Mrs. Mills explained it was not the wrong part, but a second spare part is required. She said they have already placed an order for this part from Asia.

Apart from the 157 Ni-Vanuatu workers in the first group who are currently waiting for their flight to be rescheduled and confirmed, other flights have been scheduled for the 23rd, 26th and 28th of this month.


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