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Dynamic’s HACCP certification good for Efate Tahitian Lime farmers

By Alrenze Nickly.

Dynamic Managing Director Blake Cropp (right) receiving the HACCP certificate from New Zealand High Commissioner, Nicola Simmonds. Photo: Kizzy Kalsakau

Dynamic Supply Company Vanuatu has been certified by the International Standards Operations (ISO) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) to export its products overseas.

The ISO and HACCP Auditor and Technical Writer from Quality Solutions, Dion Palu, said the certification will allow for local growers of Tahitian Lime, especially out in North Efate to sell their Tahitian Limes through Dynamic Supply Company.

“The certification means more buyers especially from New Zealand will accept the Tahitian Limes from Vanuatu,” Mr. Palu said.

Tahitian Lime is one of Dynamic’s main export products to New Zealand and Australia.

“As a business, we are always looking to evolve and diversify and invest in our business to ensure that our customers received both quality products and safe products which is paramount for us,” said Dynamic’s Managing Director, Blake Cropp.

Cropp said the company operates to Australian and New Zealand standards.

He said the certification really brings some integrity to the company as a professional trading business.

“We have previously invested heavily into our plant and infrastructure here at Dynamic and equally, I believe that this just allows us to continue that journey and diversify further as we move along,” Cropp said.

“It also gives us significant confidence to be able to continue providing a quality and safe service and from our customers perspective, they can now look at Dynamic as they’ve always, that we are a professional food safe company that does all the right things and can look after their interests and protect them and protect their customers as well.

“We are obviously very happy to be here and appreciate the support we’ve had from Dion and all of our supporters along the way and all the various outlets and entities who have supported us to get to here.”

Cropp said they are looking forward to some more sunshine post-COVID in terms of a more favorable trading environment, and of course tourists coming back to Vanuatu again.

“We as a business will continue to diversify and evolve and bring new product into the market, but equally supporting our local supplier base as well to develop and support our local producers as well and continue diversifying and creating more export channels for Vanuatu products to be exported to large markets,” he said.

“Now that we have this qualification, it means that we can open up all of these opportunities and more volume and really continue telling that story.”

Dynamic is exploring to export certain products which already have approval to be exported from Vanuatu to New Zealand or Australia.

Quality Solutions has been working with the Dynamic Supply Company Vanuatu since 2019, doing auditing for the company so it could be HACCP certified.


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