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ICL’s new satellite service launch delayed

The launch of Interchange Limited’s (ICL) new satellite service, AelanSat, has been delayed until December 2021 due to setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service was expected to run from August 2021, however delays to international orders and shipping have forced ICL to postpone the launch of AelanSat for several months as it awaits the arrival of critical infrastructure into Vanuatu.

AelanSat will soon supply all 83 islands of Vanuatu with the world’s best and most secure satellite internet technology. The network will work in conjunction with the existing Interchange Cable Network, pushing bandwidth to every corner of Vanuatu, making it the most effective and affordable solution to provide fast and reliable connectivity to the whole country.

Satellite connectivity has changed the face of telecommunications in many remote parts of the planet and is the most suitable solution for Vanuatu due to its many islands spread across large distances where infrastructure is limited.

The Vanuatu Government is already one of ICL’s largest customers, and will soon be able to share its bandwidth with Government departments, hospitals, schools and other public institutions across every island.

Increased connectivity also opens Vanuatu up to new industries, including data storage, which will diversify the country’s tourism-dependent economy.

Once launched in December 2021, the AelanSat service will be available to customers through internet service providers in early 2022.

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