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Janessa Amos

Janessa Amos is a creator of baked goodies, alongside her fulltime job she juggles her business and is hoping to make baking her full time gig.

The Baker is a 27 year old from Emae, she has recently taken over “ITZ RONAS CAKES”. This is home bakery business that has been running as a registered business since 2016. Previously it was ran by Mrs Amos’s mother who has since then become overwhelmed by the business and has handed it over to the talented Mrs Amos in 2020.
The bakery churns out all sorts of baked goodies from cakes, cupcakes, muffins to cookies and anything a customer demands. Baking for all occasions, Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or even business events “ITS RONAS CAKE” delivers on creative and delicious baked treats.
Janessa joined the V-LAB Market Haos with an idea in mind, she shares that she has never managed a business and hopes that the Market Haos will give her a deeper understanding of business management as well as a better understanding of her target market.
“I want my bakery to bake goodies that take into account diet restrictions. I see that not many local cake making businesses take into account people with restrictive diets. People who may be gluten free, vegan, lactose intolerant, suffer from High blood pressure, low blood, pressure or any other lifestyle choices, allergies or illnesses that may restrict their diets in a certain way” says Janessa.
The idea for this diet restriction baking had been inspired by her daughter who she says is lactose intolerant. Janessa says this means that she cannot cook or bake anything at home with milk in the ingredients in consideration of her daughter’s diet restriction. This made her think of other people who may want baked treats but have trouble finding baked treats that consider their diet restrictions, she says: “I want to bake cakes that meet the demand of the market across the board. For those with no diet restrictions as well as for those with diet restrictions. I want to provide an array of options for my customers to pick from”


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