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New Local Mobile Operator for Vanuatu and Tonga

Photo: WanTok Vanuatu | FB

The newly formed WanTok Pacific Corporation (WPC) has launched a dynamic mobile, broadband and money transfer service for the people of Tonga and Vanuatu. Taking a bold, brave and fresh approach to telecoms across the Pacific Region, the WanTok offering will allow users to communicate cost effectively and offer a new way to receive money.

Launching in Tonga and Vanuatu simultaneously on Friday last week, the new service provides a local mobile network, with low-cost calls, chat and SMS locally and overseas and the ability to add up to 4 other international mobile numbers. In addition, there is a new low cost and easy to use remittance / money transfer solution called WanTok Money.

WanTok Mobile will allow users in Tonga and Vanuatu to stay in touch with friends and family across the Pacific Islands to the USA, France, UK and of course, to Australia and New Zealand.

WanTok Money in partnership with KlickEx Pacific – a trusted money transfer operator is a safe and transparent digital payment ecosystem that allows users in Australia and New Zealand to send, save and receive money into Tonga and Vanautu. Sending money from the USA will follow shortly.

Speaking at the launch Mr. Justin Kaitapu, Chief Executive Officer at WanTok Pacific Corporation in Vanuatu commented, “As the world changes, so do our communication needs. I’m really pleased to be spearheading change for the Pacific’s communications landscape — at the helm of a Pacific island owned business. As Pacific Islanders, communication is critical to us, we need to ensure that we can stay in touch with family and friends here and abroad.

WanTok will make it even more cost effective for our people to stay in touch. Of this – I am really proud.”

As well as WanTok Mobile and WanTok Money, the new company launched its new brand identity, a new head office at WanTok Haos, new broadband plans for consumers and businesses, as well as new services to follow, including WanTok Beats (music) and WanTok Go (movies).

WanTok Pacific Corporation has a very experienced senior management team on board that will also look to expand and invest across the whole Pacific Region.

Current investment in Vanuatu have seen state of the art LTE infrastructure upgraded and put in place, ‘expensive’ off-island bandwidth now connected and new cell towers built in Nuku’alofa – Tonga.

The company has also become a new member of the GSMA (the global organisation for mobile operators) and has also been issued an IR.21 licence – meaning its mobile number ranges of +676 555 xxxx in Tonga and +678 875 xxxx in Vanuatu are recognised globally.

“This launch is the result of an incredible team working together, and although I can’t thank them all I would like to thank the WanTok team, Digicel and Vodafone in Vanuatu and to say a special thanks for the support and commitment from the Regulator in Vanuatu – Mr. Brian Winji and his team at the TRBR,” Kaitapu concluded.


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