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VIT students benefitting from business program

By Josepheen Tarianga

VIT students ending their 4th week in the Business program implemented by V-Lab.

The French Government has ended its program which kicked off during the National University of Vanuatu (NUV) Open Day.

Funded by the French Government and implemented by V-Lab, one of the objectives of this program is enhancing the employability of students.

This exposes students to the business world, and qualifying training so they are more suited to the needs of businesses.

Additionally, this is aimed at supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of students, on their way to entering the labour market.

The program will work with three schools. The NUV, the Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT) and Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC) in Santo. Later on, the 10-week program will also be provided as a 2-week summer crash course.

Once the program has been carried out at VIT, it will move on to NUV and VAC next year.

The business program ensures that students get a practical view of business, under the guidance of multiple trainers and coaches with experience in the business world.

VIT is the first institute to implement the program and it has been a success. As the enrolment numbers were too high, the students were asked who applied were asked to clearly state their reason for wanting to join the program.

Taissets Maximillien is among the 21 VIT students who were successfully selected for the program. He is a business student at VIT, and admits that the program teaches business in a practical sense which taught him a lot.

“So far, I have learnt how to take an idea and understand the process it goes through before it becomes reality,” he said.

“The business model I am working on in my group for the program is fish farming. The program has me looking at the multiple aspects that come with establishing such a business.”

Martine Steven is another successful VIT student selected into the program. As a level 4 business student, the business idea that she and her colleague will be developing as part of the program is a unique business that has much potential.

“We have looked at our communities and found a market that has not yet been tapped,” she said.

“This program has taught me a lot and going into it, I feel more confident in applying what I learn from business in the classroom, to what business is in the real world.”

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