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Trademark certificate for Mama’s Laef Vanuatu

By Jason Abel

Mr. Yosef handing over the certificate to Mr. Kalsrap. Photo: VanIPOJason Abel

The Vanuatu Intellectual Property Office (VanIPO) has handed over the official trademark certificate for the Mama’s Laef Vanuatu.

Mama’s Laef Vanuatu, a local company, through its creation and global innovation produces reusable diapers and menstrual pads that can be used effectively within the communities.

With the government’s decision to ban diapers, such ideas have targeted one main issue within the communities. Mama’s Laef is a social enterprise owned by Jack and Mary Kalsrap from Pango Village in South Efate and they manufacture menstrual pads and child washable nappies from a home factory.

Earlier this year, these products were distributed to Santo as relief supply kits after Tropical Cyclone Harold struck and caused extensive damage.

VanIPO Senior Design and Patent officer, Iapatu Sam, stated that the trademark certificate ensures the duo get an exclusive right for 10 years, and more importantly gives legal right to the company.

He added Vanuatu has an Intellectual Property Law within the Designs Act No.3 of 2003, which specifically aims to protect the designs which consists of features of shape, configuration, pattern, or ornamentation that can applied to an article, and is capable of capturing an eye in the finished product.

He said it is a great achievement.

“Anyone involved in copyright infringement of the product will face legal action,” he said.

“VanIPO is encouraging other local entrepreneurs to come by the office to get protection on copyright and exclusive rights.

“The government has amended a law to ensure local handicrafts products get their products protected with a fee of VT1500. Industrial designs cost VT25,000.”

VanIPO Registrar, Mr. Brittien Yosef, congratulated Mama’s Laef Vanuatu on protecting their product. Mr. Yosef said people often talk about innovation and creation, however it is all about problem solving.

Mama’s Laef Vanuatu is the third local company to receive its trademark certificate from VanIPO.


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